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Trust is earned over time. We get that and know that even connecting for our first conversation can feel like a huge leap. Below you'll find a brief overview of what to expect.

We hope this helps make that leap instead feel like several small steps.

STEP 1Lets start a conversation. We believe listening creates possibilities. During our conversation, we listen - to learn more about you and what you value most.  We'll also tell you more about our practice and approach and provide an overview of our proprietary process, The Essential FORMulaTM. Feel free to bring any financial info for us to review for step 2, but it's certainly not required.

STEP 2 - We will each take some time after our first meeting to reflect on the conversation and review what we've learned.  If there is a philosophical alignment and we agree to work together, we'll gather additional info or documents (i.e. current statements, trust documents, budget worksheets, net worth statements, etc.) from you to review.

STEP 3 - We'll reach out to schedule a time to review our findings. During this step, we will show you details about what strategies we recommend and how you can work to achieve financial independence, secure a work-optional lifestyle and create a family investment legacy.

Customized Plans - During this process we'll help you frame the details of your current or desired retirement lifestyle and break down your retirement goals into three categories: needs, wants and wishes. You'll receive a customized plan that you can understand and have confidence in, not just product details and sales literature.

Stewardship, not Salesmanship - This is core to our philosophy. While you consider investing in your future, for us, this in an investment in a life long relationship. You'll never be pressured to buy anything or to make decisions before you're ready.

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