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Stewardship, Not Salesmanship

"We know the importance of educating our clients, assuring they have a thorough, working understanding of every product and program we advise for them."

Combining our financial savvy with our wealth management capabilities and insurance experience, we help clients plan for their future and maintain financial independence. By using The Essential FORMula™, we are able to design custom financial strategies that address each of our clients’ specific needs.

At Barko Financial we recognize that we are not all things to all people, nor do we want or expect to be. We are all things to some people. Our client relationships are based on a very specific FIT process, allowing us to partner with those clients to whom we are most suited.

"While we believe that there are many important aspects of building a successful wealth management practice, we maintain focus on the vital few - The Essentials."

Our philosophy is one of stewardship, not salesmanship - building relationships, not generating revenue.  As Independent Advisors, we work for our clients, not our firm.

Our goal is to help you implement a plan with multiple strategies to reduce risk for all possible outcomes, without apprehension. There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to planning for your future. And because we’re an independent firm, we’re under no obligation to sell proprietary products or services. That means we’re objective and selective, offering only those investment products and services we believe are best suited to help meet your financial goals.

We offer you timely investment advice with the highest level of integrity and service and our client relationships are structured around four defining principles:

1. Integrity
2. Dedication
3. Objectivity
4. Professionalism

We strongly adhere to biblical and industry principles of INTEGRITY.

We are personally DEDICATED to helping you manage your assets and reach your financial goals.

No matter your investment experience, you can depend on us for OBJECTIVE advice that focuses on your unique goals.

We take great pride in our work, and strive to do everything with excellence. All matters revolving around our relationship will be handled with PROFESSIONALISM, and the quality of service provided to you will always be aimed at surpassing your expectations.

We never outgrow the need for help. Regardless of our age, we seek advice, especially regarding matters that require a unique perspective. The depth of our proprietary process - The Essential FORMula™ involves getting to know clients, understanding why financial independence matters to them and discovering their level of comfort to make investing recommendations they can trust.

"We hope you find us as your trusted partner; a lifelong partner to help navigate your financial future. Developing the correct strategy is too intricate and the stakes too high to go it alone.

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