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Fit Meeting

Fit Meeting

  • Listening to what's Essential to you, your family and legacy
  • Learning the values shaping your priorities
  • Identifying your unique challenges and circumstances
  • Introduction of our Philosophy, Planning Strategy and Process
Discovery Process

Discovery Process

  • Welcome email with action items
  • Establish access to Planning Dashboard
  • Complete profile, upload documents and statements in vault for analysis
  • Establish risk profile and unique Risk Number
  • Craft personalized investment strategies and recommendations
  • Discover where and how we can add value as life unfolds
On-boarding Meeting

On-boarding Meeting

  • Presentation of Wealth Management Process
    • Review Risk Number
    • Review proposed Personal Wealth Program
    • Review proposed Investment Policy Statement
  • Discuss current and future investment approach
  • Detail of accounts: fees, structure and access
  • Overview of Planning Process and dashboard
  • Obtain approval and necessary signatures and provide all sign-ons
Orientation, Organization, Implementation

Orientation, Organization, Implementation

  • Welcome kit
  • Complete the transfer of existing assets
  • Alignment of investment solutions, service levels, type and frequency of communication
  • Implement strategies
  • Online access and dashboard tutorials
  • Statement and Report Package review
  • Start process to streamline and organize financial life:
    • Personal Financial Organizer (PFO)
    • Legacy Systems
    • Safe Haven Kit
Fully Essentialized:
Clarity, Confidence, Comfort

Fully Essentialized: Clarity, Confidence, Comfort

  • Wealth Team Integration Complete
    • Coordinate with CPA, attorney, estate planner and insurance agent as needed
    • Detailed goal projections and probabilities
    • Family and/or business succession planning
    • Educational and trust account(s)
    • Charitable giving mission
    • Estate and legacy planning considerations and family dynamics
  • Ongoing Strategy & Tactical Meetings
    • Monitoring progress towards goals
    • Discussion towards future Critical Financial Events (CFEs)
    • Updates to strategy as your life unfolds
    • Legacy Kit completed and maintained
    • Raising the bar - (education, introductions, etc.)

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