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COVID-19 Resources

Emergency Relief Options Checklist

This new checklist includes new emergency relief options outlined in: 

  • The CARES Act
  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act
  • Executive orders
  • IRS changes
  • And other relief options specific to COVID-19 as they pertain to individuals

Market Correction or Recession Checklist

This checklist covers many of the issues to consider during a recession or market correction:

  • Useful strategies when the valuations of the markets are low (i.e. ROTH Conversions and gifting strategies)
  • Strategies to mitigate the negative impact (i.e. cash flow becoming tight) 

Recent or Potential Job Loss Checklist

This checklist covers many actions to consider if you recently lost a job:

  • List of planning issues that arise from job loss
  • Helpful even if you are simply concerned about the prospect of losing a job
  • Feel more prepared or in control of your financial situation in these uncertain times

Emergency Options for Business Owners

This checklist helps small business owners navigate options for emergency relief:

  • Eligibility issues for PPP and EIDL programs
  • The types of relief qualifying business owners can receive from various programs.
  • How loan forgiveness works 
  • Key points of the Employee Retention Credit and payroll tax deferral

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