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Travel, Without The Baggage

June 17, 2019

Air travel is stressful. While some stress may be unavoidable, like the long lines at security, other sources of stress, like dealing with luggage check-in and baggage claim, can be reduced. If you think checking in luggage for your week vacation is inescapable, think again. Here are some ideas to help you get by with just a carry-on and by-pass the hassles (and fees) of checking in luggage.

How to Pack Lightly

Here are 5 simple strategies that may help you make next getaway with only carry-on luggage.

1. Start with a Small Bag

Humans tend to fill up the space allowed them. So, start your packing with a smaller bag that will meet the carry-on criteria.  If you need more space, just repack into a larger carry-on.

Here's a quick tip on how to fold and pack a suit:

Use a packing or travel Checklist to make sure you don't miss anything or overpack with to many outfits or duplicate items.

2. Mix and Match

Pack clothes that can be mixed and matched so you can wear a variety of outfits with fewer clothes.  

3. Bring the Right Clothes

Ready-to-wear and fast-dry apparel will allow you to more readily re-use clothes. Non-iron, dri-fit, and wrinkle free clothes are a must.

4. Two Shoes Maximum

Shoes take up a lot of room, so consider one pair for active use and another for the conference and casual nights out.

5. Don't Bring What You Can Buy

If you can buy items at your destination (e.g., shampoo and suntan lotion), then don't take up valuable space with these items.  You can get some things for free at the hotel or resort (i.e toothpaste, toothbrush, soap) and if you use Airbnb, etc, you can buy sample sizes and a local retail or drug store.

Finally, consider not just what you pack, but how you pack it. Use space efficiently by rolling your clothes and using your shoes' foot space for packing smaller items.

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