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Happy New Year

January 05, 2018

The new year brings new resolutions and goals for everyone, Barko Financial is no different. This year we look to move our practice further into to a stewardship role for our clients and we will be adding additional valued services.

Here are the big things you can expect from us this year:


In the fall of 2017, we took on the services of a consultant to enhance our client experience. The rebranding was completed last month, and as we meet for your regular reviews, we will discuss our new approach that focuses on family, occupation, and recreation. You may have noticed a trend for a while surrounding essentialism, this is part of our rebranding process and we will be outlining essentialism in a future podcast. 

The Essential Podcast

Recording has already begun on our new podcast series The Essential Podcast and we hope to have it out by late spring or earlier! This will be one of our more significant undertakings this year as we will deliver new episodes twice a month. The focus will be tips for essential living and we are also planning to have a mix of local experts on the show with advice on how to have that pristine lawn or places to check out around town.

The Essential Blog

If you’re reading this, the blog is up! Similar to what we have done in the past, the blog will mirror our podcast, so you don’t have to take any notes!  What was the name of that website they mentioned? Where is that place in town?  You can find it on the blog!  You will also see some topical thoughts from our staff that may not make it into the podcast.

The Essential Group

The Essential Group is a Facebook group centered around our community of clients to promote the recreational things in life. We are going to be partnering with local companies to provide discounted activities. It will also be a place to share that favorite recipe, give someone a recommendation on a restaurant, or just say hello. We are aiming for mid-summer to launch this group.

Final Thoughts

We want to thank all of you for the relationship we have and for your continued trust and confidence.  We would not be able to continue our stewardship mission without your help.