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Don’t Let Headlines Get You Down

May 12, 2020

Even in “normal” times, the news can be depressing. But these days, it can seem like there’s an awful lot to worry about. Here’s a sampling of the types of headlines I’ve seen recently:

  • Why US hospitals are going bankrupt 1
  • New York City likely to stay in lockdown until June 2
  • Fed’s Kashkari says ‘worst is yet to come for unemployment,’ urges Congress to provide more aid 3

It’s easy to get gloomy reading such news day in and day out. But if you look for good news, there’s a lot to be encouraged by. For example:

  • People in India can see the Himalayas for the first time in “decades,” as the lockdown eases air pollution 4
  • “The coronavirus pandemic has taught me to stop waiting to live my best life” 5
  • A coronavirus silver lining: less driving, fewer crashes 6

As an investor, a plethora of troubling headlines can make you question yourself, your life choices, even your overall approach to the financial markets. But remember: market volatility goes hand-in-hand with investing. Your strategy should be designed with this truth in mind, and built around your time horizon, risk tolerance and goals.  If you're not a client of our firm, reach out.  We're happy to take a second look at your current situation and provide some perspective.

We can probably expect to see more shocking headlines in the months ahead. If underlying economic conditions change or a new long-term trend emerges, we may want to revisit your portfolio’s positioning. But it’s never all bad news, and if you look for the good, you just might find it.

Meanwhile, we’re watching the headlines for you. Feel free to give yourself a mental break now and then, and keep an eye out for silver linings.

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