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Bank Card Fraud

May 09, 2018

Have you ever found a charge on one of your bank cards that wasn’t yours?  Well, some one on our team recently did, and this post gives you the process you should use to get your money back!  We also outline a few strategies to being alerted as soon as the fraudulent charge happens.


 Google the Charge

Let’s face it, remembering what we had for dinner the night before can be challenging enough, how about recognizing your last purchase?  Now add to the fact that some companies use alternate names and out-of-state locations for their billing remembering that specific charge is sometimes impossible.  Searching the internet for that charge will save you time as many people have posted the same question.  Doing this could save you from a 20-minute call with your bank if you remembered it was a legitimate purchase.


Check with Your Significant Other

Before contacting your bank, check with your significant other to make sure they didn’t make the purchase.  While we all have the routine places that we shop, sometimes store sales or gift registry items can push us to make purchases at new stores.


Dispute the Charge with Your Bank

Once you’ve found out the above two items, use the phone number on your card to call your bank.  Be cautious using an internet search for the company’s phone number as “phishing,” or fake websites exist for the sole purpose of compromising your card and personal information.


Look for Other Transactions

While on the phone your card company, have them look back as far as they allow for similar charges.  It is not uncommon for card thieves to skim smaller less noticeable transactions over time to fly under the radar.


Final Thoughts

Bank card fraud will continue to happen as we advance further into the digital age.  The best defense is a good offense.  We recommend creating a process to check your balance daily or having your bank turn on email or text notification for purchases.

Also, use a budget to tell your money where to go, and to make sure it actually gets there.  Need help optimizing your budget?  Check out our Budget Resources for some guidance.


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