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We understand our role is stewardship not salesmanship and we place highest value on what matters most to you.



We use a four-fold, panoramic planning process to bridge our philosophy to your personalized strategy.


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Everything we do is driven by our Proprietary Process, The Essential FORMulaTM and set to sync with you as life unfolds and your needs evolve.



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There are some basic aspects of financial life that everyone should have a good handle on.  We make these powerful financial tools available for free because everyone deserves access to them.  When things become more complex, Barko Financial offers unbiased advice along with a full suite of panoramic financial planning and wealth management services to help you achieve your goals.

Organize all your accounts in one place, track your net worth, understand where your money goes, reduce unwanted spending.

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Our process, The Essential FORMulaTM, puts all of the pieces of the financial puzzle together so you can have the complete picture.


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National Preparedness Month

September is officially National Preparedness Month, and it is no coincidence that this national awareness month takes place during peak hurricane season.  As I am writing this, tropical storm Gordon is quickly approaching the Gulf Coast. Even if you don’t live near the coast, it’s Essential that you and your family are prepared for emergencies. Follow these easy steps to get started!

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Back to School Productivity Tips

Whether or not you have children back in school, this can be a great time of year for all of us to incorporate some discipline and focus into the routine. Maybe a new hobby, diet or fitness plan? These 4 tips productivity tips can help you essentialize your weekly routine in any season of life.

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